Radioss Introduction

Course Summary:

In this introductory course, the participant will learn how to use Radioss to solve highly non-linear transient problems typical of impact. Users will be able to apply Radioss to evaluate product performance under loading that causes large displacements, large strains, contact and material non-linearity. Key theoretical aspects of an explicit solver are explained along with an emphasis on practical application including best practices. Participants will also learn how to build a valid simulation in Radioss by properly choosing elements and properties, and by defining basic material laws, contact and loading. 

A basic knowledge of finite element analysis. A basic knowledge about Pre and Post processing finite element models with HyperMesh or HyperCrash. Access to HyperWorks (HyperMesh or HyperCrash, HyperView and Radioss).

Goals and Objectives:
  • Background of finite element formulations and time integration schemes
  • Pre and Post-processing structural dynamic simulations
  • Time-step stability and control
  • Contact interfaces
  • Material Laws
  • Debugging models and understanding error messages
  • Best Practices on solving high non-linear problems.