MultiScale Designer

Course Summary:

Multiscale material modeling is a powerful method to gain insights into advanced material behavior. Especially for composite materials, multiscale is an accepted, essential approach for predicting material properties accurately and efficiently for use in structural simulations.

Fully integrated with Altair's simulation products, Multiscale Designer is a comprehensive framework for the development of highly predictive and computationally efficient material models for all material behaviors ranging from homogeneous isotropic to heterogeneous anisotropic. Multiscale Designer reduces the time and cost associated with the development of highly predictive material models with minimal experimental data requirements.

Multiscale Designer's material models can be used with standard industry solvers to improve design optimization of advanced material designs through multiscale structural simulations. Well-defined methodologies are offered for developing material models including continuous fiber-reinforced materials, unidirectional and woven products, and injection molding materials, short and long fiber-reinforced products. In addition, a methodology for modeling lattice structures is also available.

Multiscale Designer's material models can be used in implicit and explicit analyses within the most popular commercially available solvers, and support hardware parallelization on different platforms.


Basic knowledge of composites and materials.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop predictive multi-scale material models for continuous and shortfiber reinforced materials
  • Learn how to use Multiscale Designer as a virtual testlab to determine virtual material allowables
  • Utilize the Multiscale Designer plugins to commercial FEA codes OptiStruct and RADIOSS for implementing multiscale material models within linear, dynamic and nonlinear part simulation
  • Learn the workflow how to use multiscale materialmodels for shortfiber reinforced components