SimLab Automation

Course Summary:

Would you like to automate repetitive modeling and simulation tasks, reducing the time consumption and the errors related to the manual implementation? Would you like to define processes to let designers execute them in batch?

In this course you will learn how to record your manual process in SimLab into a full automated and parametrized process.

Even if you have any experience with programming in Python, you will be able to record your script directly in SimLab and run it for different designs or using different parameters.


Advanced knowledge about SimLab. Ideally attended the SimLab Introduction and the SimLab Meshing and Modeling Course. Programming knowledge (Python) is not needed.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Process capture: recording and editing a Python macro with SimLab.
  • Design and Process Parameters
  • Use of Metadata (color, groups/publications) and Templates 
  • Script Execution: automatically, interactively and in batch.
  • DOEs, Mesh convergence studies
  • UI Customization, adding GUI to Scripts