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Course Outline:

This course covers the concept of Linear Structural Analysis using SimLab for modeling the problem and OptiStruct as solver. 

During the training, the student will learn the different aspects of the system idealization ( type of elements and materials, type of loads and boundary conditions)  in order to run a linear static analysis using the SimLab solution browser. After an introduction about dynamic systems,  the training will handle with typical aspects of vibrational analysis, like modal analysis, frequency response and random response.


General knowledge about SimLab. Ideally attended the SimLab Introduction Course.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Structural Analysis
    • System Modeling and Idealization
      • Linear vs Nonlinear Analyses
      • Static vs Dynamic Analyses
      • Elements,  Materials, Loads & Boundary Conditions
      • Rigid Bodies (RBE2, RBE3)
    • Linear Static Analysis
      • Mesh Quality Check
      • Solution and Solver Settings
      • Result Evaluation
      • Transient Heat Transfer,  Thermo-Structural Coupled Analysis 
      • Modeling of Design Iterations (edit geometry, replace body)
    • Linear Dynamic Analysis
      • Modal Analysis
      • Pre-Stressed Modal Analysis
      • Frequency Response Analysis
      • System Damping
      • Modal Transient Analysis
      • Random Response Analysis

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