WinProp Introduction and Advanced Indoor Propagation Modeling

Course Outline:

WinProp offers highly accurate and fast wave propagation models as well as radio network planning modules for almost every standard (cellular incl. 5G, LTE, WiFi, broadcasting, TETRA, etc.). Based on this WinProp is ideally suited for the radio coverage planning in arbitrary scenarios, the network roll-out and optimization, the comparison of deployment concepts, the evaluation of installed antenna performance, the co-existence analysis of radio networks and for IoT deployments.

This course is aimed at new users who are interested in using WinProp for indoor propagation modelling and network planning.




Session 1:

· Introduction to Winprop and RF wave propagation

· Introduction to Indoor Propagation modelling

· Example of RF propagation in indoor environment

Session 2:

·  Advanced RF propagation example based on office building map

·  WiFi application and Network planning analysis


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