HyperMesh Model Exploration and Prediction with Design Explorer

This session covers the new features available in HyperMesh for exploring a model through Design of Experiments or Optimizations, and to leverage these explorations to initiate model prediction, that is to say to evaluate the system responses for a new configuration without running the simulation.

This course is of interest for any user already familiar with HyperMesh, who works with OptiStruct, Nastran, Abaqus, LS Dyna or RADIOSS models ready to run, and who wants to explore the parametrized system instead of running trial and error approach.

The session is based on the new interface of HyperMesh



General knowledge of HyperMesh and its new interface. Ideally attended the HyperWorks Pre-Processing class.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Introduction to Design Explorer
  • Description of exploration strategies available through the Design Explorer
  • Create an exploration study, for both a DOE and an optimization
  • Predict system responses from previous explorations
  • Limitations of Design Explorer, comparison with HyperStudy


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