HyperMesh Quick Tools for 2D Mesh Modification

This session covers the different tools which can be used for quickly editing a 2D mesh on an orphan mesh. The different edition tools and the mechanisms/settings behind the automatic remesh will be covered in the session.

This course is of interest for any user already familiar with HyperMesh, working with 2D mesh, either associated to CAD or orphan mesh, who is looking for quick ways to bring some modifications to the mesh without sending it back to the cad.



General knowledge of HyperMesh and its new interface. Ideally attended the HyperWorks Pre- Processing class.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Review Element Quality
  • Quick editing tools: Replicate, Cut Holes, Hole/Gap Fill
  • Review of param/criteria file settings and automatic remesh (Rebuild)
  • Benefit from CAD editing tools on 2D mesh thanks to FE geometry (2022)


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