Inspire for Casting Analysis

Course Outline:

Altair Inspire Cast basic course helps the user to understand the concept of the tool and get the know-How to take profit from simulation tools for metal casting. In the first stage, and after a guide through the interface options, it will be focus on the most common process in the casting industry such as HPDC, Investment Casting and Gravity Casting.


Knowledge of Casting processes and Simulation

Goals and Objectives:

  • Understand how to incorporate Altair Inspire Cast into traditional design processes to efficiently perform a mold filling simulation, evaluate design concepts, optimize designs.
  • Indicate runners, risers, overflows, coolers and other components according to design preferences.
  • Analyze results regarding basic casting process, gravity casting, high pressure and low pressure die casting, gravity tilt pouring and investment casting to discover the process feasibility.
  • Understand how to avoid typical casting defects.
  • Analyze typical results during filling and solidification stages, such as porosity, shrinkage volume, air trap and many others

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