Monarch Complete Introduction

Course Outline:

Monarch is a multi-component application that allows you to model and extract analytical assets from both structured and less than structured sources, such as PDFs, reports, and EDIT streams, and then use the data obtained in a self-service manner on your desktop for broader analytical use.  The main components of Monarch Complete include Monarch Classic and Data Prep Studio.  Day 1: Review Classic Model and Day 2: Review Data Prep Studio, each Sessions are 4-hours.


There are no pre-requisite courses required; however, basic computer knowledge and Microsoft Office would be useful.  

Session 1: Monarch Classic

  • Monarch Classic User Interface.
  • What is a Model & what are Project files?
  • What is Report view & Report design, and how to create a template and extract data from text or PDF files.
  • How to extract data from multiple report files.
  • How to extract data from delimited files.
  • How to extract data from database files.
  • What is Table view & Table design, and how to create Filter, Sort, and Calculated fields.
  • How to join data from external data sources using External Lookups.
  • What is Summary view & Summary design, and how to create Summaries.
  • What is Export view & Export design, and how to create export tables and summaries to other applications.


Session 2: Monarch Data Prep studio

  • Monarch Data Prep Studio user interface.
  • Extract data from multiple files with different formats.
  • Extract data from CSV files.
  • How to load data from a web page and capture data.
  • How to do prep data using calculated fields, split data, and other functions.
  • How to append tables.
  • How to create joins between multiple tables.
  • How to create Summaries.
  • How to export tables to different formats.
  • How to save the workspace.
  • How to load and prep database tables using ODBC.


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