MotionSolve for Vehicle Modeling

Course Outline

MotionSolve is used as part of the chassis development process by a long list of automotive, powersports, and commercial heavy vehicle OEMs. This all-new class introduces the application of MotionSolve for vehicle modeling applications.  The basics of using MotionView, Altair’s pre-processor for multibody dynamics simulation, is taught as a first step.

A vast amount of design data is required to create a high-fidelity vehicle model. Detailed sub-system and component characterization is involved. Therefore it is very important to adopt a crawl-walk-run approach by ensuring the model is verified at each build stage . This course focuses on building basic but high-quality rigid body models, whose fidelity can be extended at a later stage for more detailed analysis.

NOTE: This course is not applicable to leaning, single-track vehicles like motorcycles and scooters, but most other types of wheeled vehicles including 3 wheelers with a suspension system are covered.  


Some vehicle dynamics knowledge

Goals and Objectives:

  • MotionView/MotionSolve Basics
  • Building a basic axle model
  • Updating an axle model with design data
  • Combining axle models into full-vehicle models
  • Authoring models & performing advanced simulations


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