Monarch Classic Introduction

Course Outline:

Each session is scheduled for two hours.


There are no pre-requisite courses required; however, basic computer knowledge and Microsoft Office would be useful.  

Day 1/(Session 1):
    • Monarch Classic user interface.
    • What is a Model & what are Project files?
    • How to save Models & Projects.
    • What is Report view & Report design, and how to create a template and extract data from text or PDF files.
    • How to extract data from multiple text or PDF report files.
    • How to extract data from delimited files.
    • What is Export view & Export design, and how to export report or table to different format?


Day 2/(Session 2):
    • What is Table view & Table design, and how to create Filter, Sort, and Calculated fields.
    • How to extract data from database files.
    • How to join data from external data sources using External Lookups.
    • What is Summary view & Summary design, and how to create Summaries.
    • How to export table and summaries with filters, and sorts to different format.


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