SimLab for Molding Analysis

Course Outline:

SimLab is a process-oriented multidisciplinary simulation environment to accurately analyze the performance of complex assemblies. Multiple physics including structural, thermal and fluid dynamics can be easily setup using highly automated modeling tasks, helping to drastically reduce the time spent creating finite element models and interpreting results.

This course provide introduction to SimLab for Injection Molding. Users will setup models with and without a mold and perform post processing tasks in the class. A “take-home" capstone exercise is provided that includes a glass filled material, part insert, a slide, mold plates, and symmetry in addition to the feed system and cavity.


General knowledge about SimLab. Ideally attended the SimLab Introduction Course.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Know how to auto generate mesh and how to tweak mesh
  • Know how to use SimLab to setup a molding analysis
  • Setup models without a mold and then with a mold
  • Review post processing of the models after analysis
  • Setup model with valve gate and hot runners
  • Setup model for Fluid Structure Interaction

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