Electromechanical Devices Modeling using Flux

In this course, the participants will discover how to use Flux2D to model and analyze electromechanical devices including electric motor and actuators. The course features three different examples for solenoid valve, interior permanent magnet motor (IPM) and induction motor (IM). This course will be limited to 2D topologies, and it will be limited to very basic analysis of electric motors.


  • The user should know how to use Flux on basic level or attend the Flux Introduction course beforehand.
  • Basic knowledge of electromechanical devices is recommended.
  • This course has a lot of hands-on examples. Please install the latest version of Flux with a valid license.

Goals and Objectives: 

  • Create a motor topology using the motor overlay functions
  • Discover the kinematic feature available in Flux and its options to define motion
  • Set up a permanent magnet motor analysis including computation of cogging torque, BEMF and loaded condition
  • Model a linear actuator, including computation of force versus position and closing time
  • Set up the analysis of an induction motor including torque/speed characteristics, equivalent circuit, and rated condition
  • Compute power balance and iron losses


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