MotionAuto/MotionSolve Introduction

Course Outline:

MotionAuto is a customized layer of MotionView & MotionSolve for vehicle development as cars, trucks (light and heavy), and 2 $ 3 wheelers (scooters, motorcycles). This class, is explored the libraries provided, to learn how to use, modify and extend, and all the specific entities and tools helpful for component development, suspension design, and vehicle dynamics simulation. At the end of the training, participants will have an overview of the vehicle development process through the usage of the entities and tools provided by Altair.


MotionView/MotionSolve Introduction

Goals and Objectives:

  • Vehicle libraries contents and usage
  • Specific components and tools description (spring/dampers, bushings, tires, roads, bars)
  • Half/full vehicle suspension design and optimization process overview (K&C analysis)
  • Full vehicle assembly subsystems usage (suspensions, driveline, power unit, brakes)
  • Full vehicle dynamics analysis (driver, events, reports)


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