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Course Outline:

Altair Inspire PolyFoam is the newest simulation analysis tool of Altair. It is an integral part of Inspire for manufacturing platform. With Inspire Polyfoam, learn and perform an injection & foaming simulation and evaluate design concepts. After taking this course, you will understand how to incorporate Inspire PolyFoam into traditional design processes to efficiently optimize designs and avoid typical Foam defects.



Goals and Objectives:

  • Introduction to Polyurethane foaming
    • Background,Theory, Applications and Market. 
  • Get started with:
    • Learn about Altair Inspire PolyFoam
    • Understand accessibility of ribbons, model browser, property editor and other user-interfaces.
  • Learn how to create and modify geometry.
  • Learn how to setup models.
    • Foam part selection, type of material, temperature.
    • Nozzle path and selection
    • Learn about additional tooling components like Velcro, mold, vents…
  • Learn how to setup process parameters and run simulation with specific meshing criteria.
  • Analyze results stages Injection, Foaming, and Criterion.
    • Results such as Temperature, Pressure, Head ID, Material ID, and many others.

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