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Course Overview:

In addition to the calculation of structural vibrations, OptiStruct offers the option of performing acoustic calculations and optimizations. In this course, the theoretical fundamentals for acoustic analyzes are discussed. The specific examples are calculated for both sound radiation in the outside area and the calculation of the sound pressure inside e.g. vehicles. Another focus is post-processing, including transfer path analysis.


HyperMesh introduction

OptiStruct Structural Dynamics

Goals and Objectives:

  • Introduction to the theory of acoustics and structure-fluid coupling
  • Calculation of the sound radiation in the outdoor area with different techniques: -Sound radiation of the structure (ERP) -Sound pressure on microphones (radiated sound, infinite elements)
  • Evaluation and system understanding (panel participation, transfer path analyzes, sensitivity analyzes)
  • Calculation of the interior acoustics (coupling structure, fluid)

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