Inspire Studio Introduction

Course Outline:

Inspire Studio is a software solution that enables designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize design ideas faster than ever before. With unrivaled flexibility and precision, its unique construction history feature along with multiple modeling techniques empowers users throughout the creative process.  Inspire Studio training will allow design engineers, product designers and digital artists with a license of Inspire Studio to follow an instructor through a step-by-step tutorial.



Goals and Objectives:

  • Create CAD geometries by using 2D Sketching, free Curves and Surfaces or PolyNURBS
  • Split, offset, combine, extend, deform and perform other editing operation on the actual geometries.
  • Analyze distances, length and other measures and set the dimensions to correctly create the model geometry
  • Use the 3D conceptual rendering and animations to create and evolve photo-realistic visualizations of forms

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