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Exercise Info

  • Application (Classic vs Data Prep Studio): Classic & Data Prep Studio
  • Level of Difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced): Intermediate
  • Skills/Features Tested:  Standard Trap, Append, Analyze
  • Systems of Record: Fiserv Premier
  • Estimated Time to Solve: 15 mins
  • Exercise files required are attached Below;
    • IES 3002-001 Memo Post Transaction Report.txt

Exercise Overview

You are a Bank Operations Analyst at a Financial Institution and your Manager has asked you to perform some analysis on the Memo Transactions based Activity in the IES 3002-001 Memo Post Transaction Report.txt your Fiserv Premier Core Banking system.

You are asked to answer the following questions;

  • How many accounts had exceptions?
  • How many accounts had more than 5 Memo transactions?
  • Which Branch had the most number of Memo transactions?


  • Please upload your answers below in the comment section for the exercise
  • A Video Answer to the question will be published within 7-10 days on the Monarch Succcess Plan page in the 'Monarch Exercises' section.

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