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Course Outline:

Short fiber reinforced, injection molded materials have a heterogenous, anisotropic behaviour, which dominate the thermo-mechanical characteristics of a component produced with that material. To perform predictive simulations of these components, the analysis process, needs to cover the range from injection molding simulation, the development  of a multi-scale material model and combining the results of the injection molding simulation with the multiscale material model on the full component simulation.

The training course teaches in three sessions of 2 hours the basics of:

  • Running an injection molding simulation using Altair InspireMold to predict the Fiber-Orientation
  • The Material Model development of a short-fiber reinforced material using Altair Multiscale Designer
  • The usage of a multiscale Material model within Altair OptiStruct and Altair Radioss for warp, strength and dynamic analysis

Combined with the specific product trainings of Altair InspireMold, Altair Multiscale Designer, Altair OptiStruct and Radioss the participant will learn how to apply the full process from injection molding simulation to microscale material model development to improve the analysis process for short-fiber reinforced components.


Basic knowledge of short fiber materials, Basic Knowledge of Inspire and HyperWorks Pre- and Postprocessing beneficial but not necessary

This course takes place over three consecutive days; each session will last for two hours

Goals and Objectives:
  • Learn how the heterogenous, anisotropic behavior of short fiber reinforced materials is applied to your analysis process
  • Get a basic understanding how an injection molding simulation is defined in InspireMold
  • Get a basic understanding how multiscale material of a short fiber reinforced material is developed using Altair Multiscale designer
  • Understand the workflow to combine the injection molding results and the micro-mechanical material model in a thermo-mechanical analysis


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Europe/Africa, Asia Pacific
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Virtual Instructor-led
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This class meets for 2 hours each day for 3 days.