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Course Summary:

SimLab is a process oriented, feature-based finite element modeling software, which is broadly used in the powertrain area and the design of solid models. Direct access to CAD data and the possibility to save meshing templates, help the user achieve a consistent and reproducible mesh quality for similar components. One of its many strong points is the automatic creation of contacts and bolt connections.

This two-block online course follows the Introduction Course on day 1 of this training series. Making use of practical examples and hands-on exercises, the main concepts ranging from meshing to the creation of analysis decks will be discussed and practiced. The structure of the course is oriented towards the typical modeling processes of SimLab, including CAD interface and editing, construction of mesh templates, meshing, verification of the mesh quality, assembling single components into a complete model, including the interfacing with supported solvers.


General knowledge of SimLab. Ideally attended the SimLab Introduction Course.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Meshing with SimLab:
    • CAD access, CAD Interfaces
    • CAD- and mesh-based editing operations
    • Mesh templates in Simlab
    • Verifying and improving mesh quality
    • Modification of existing FEM models
  • Assembly of components:
    • Mesh matching between several components (CAD- and mesh-based)
    • Definition of contacts
    • Bolt connections
  • Solver Deck Creation
    • Exporting of analysis decks for Altair Solvers and for third party solvers like Abaqus
    • Mapping of results into load fields


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This class meets for 3.5 hours each day for 2 days.