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Credit Risk Modeling
Medical Fraud Detection
Froth Flotation
Machine Learning with RapidMiner Go
Establishing Data Science in Organizations
Dashboards with Web Apps
Text and Web Mining with RapidMiner
Time Series Analytics
Platform Administration Master
Data Engineering Master
Machine Learning Master
Applications & Use Cases Master
Data Engineering Professional
Machine Learning Professional
Applications & Use Cases Professional
AI for Executives
Get Started with RapidMiner & Machine Learning
Altair IoT Studio v2023
Altair SLC Hub 2023
Panopticon 2023 for Designers
Monarch Classic
Monarch Data Prep Studio v2022
Altair Analytics Workbench
Monarch v2022 New and Advanced Features
Knowledge Studio Introduction v2022.3
Monarch Deep Dive v2021
Knowledge Studio Scorecards
Knowledge Studio Optimization
Altair Analytics Workbench - Introduction to Data Profiling ...
Altair Analytics Workbench - Developing Scorecards
Altair Analytics Workbench - The Fundamentals of Statistics
Panopticon 2022
Knowledge Studio v2021 Introduction