Inspire for Forming Analysis

Course Outline:

Inspire Form makes it possible to improve sheet product design and the manufacturing process, while reducing lead time for sheet metal parts by enabling early consideration of form-ability, process parameters, material utilization, and cost. This is an introductory class for sheet metal forming simulation utilizing Inspire Form and is intended for design engineers, manufacturing process engineers, and CAE analysts.



Goals and Objectives

  • Use the feasibility module to check the formability of a part early in the product design cycle and to predict the best blank nesting on the sheet coil.
  • Use the tryout module to iterate and simulate multi-stage forming, trimming and springback.
  • Visualize potential defects such as splits or wrinkles and modify the geometry to eliminate defects and improve overall design to generate and analyze design concepts.
  • Analyze typical results such as thinning, formability, press tonnage and many others


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