HyperLife Fatigue Analysis in Frequency Domain

Course Outline:

HyperLife is an easy-to-learn, fatigue analysis software developed on a solver-neutral framework. It provides a comprehensive toolset for durability analysis, directly interfacing with all the major finite element analysis (FEA) results files. With an embedded material library, HyperLife enables prediction of fatigue life under repetitive loadings experienced in a wide range of industrial applications.

This training will focus on vibration fatigue specially on technics to solve random fatigue (under Power Spectral Density loading) and Sine Sweep in the frequency domain.


• Basic knowledge of FEA (recommended)

• Basics of vibration analysis (modal and frequency response)

Goals and Objectives:

• Understand Random Response Analysis (Power Spectral Density – PSD)

• Cycle counting using different Probability Density Function

• Setup Random fatigue analysis

• Use Sine Sweep fatigue analysis


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