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Course Outline :

This training aims to update knowledge on rotating electrical machines and to refresh background on magnetism. It is dedicated for Technicians & Engineers in research department, electronics and mechanical engineer who would like to refresh or to have training on “rotating electrical machines”. During this training we will see across FluxMotor basic laws of electromagnetismdescription of rotating electrical machinesMagnetic materials, losses in magnetic circuitssizing elements of Brushless DC Machine, electrical circuits & Windings of rotating electrical machines, magneto motive force & Park Model. The training will be ended with an Example of design of BLDC machine from scratch



Ideally to follow FluxMotor introduction.



 Session 1:

  • Basic Laws: Magnetic forces, Magnetic Energy, Amper Laws …etc will be seen in this chapter.
  • Getting Started: Description of rotating machines, Workflow on FluxMotor and explain the different part like Materials and Motor catalogue. Help & Documentation, and Assumption with FluxMotor.

Session 2:

  • Magnetic Materials: Magnetic characteristics, of lamination and Magnet, losses in magnetic circuit and link to FluxMotor.
  • Initial Design: Motor Factory in FluxMotor, proposed design process from Specification and intial design considerations.

Session 3:

  • Winding & MMF: Electrical Circuit, Winding Terminology, Winding Factors & Families. Magnetomotive Forces & Rotating Field creation.
  • Tests & Park Model: Explaining FluxMotor tests like cogging torque & Back EMF. Park Model, and Power Balance.

 Session 4:

  • Issues of Rotating Machines: Briefly on Thermal constraints & NVH.
  • Example of Designing New SPM Motor From Scratch.

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