AcuSolve for CFD Analysis with HyperWorks CFD

This is an introductory course for using AcuSolve for CFD analysis. A combination of lectures and exercises will familiarize students with pre-processing, analysis setup and results visualization.


  • A basic knowledge of Fluid Mechanics or CAE Analysis
  • Access to HyperWorks 2022 and CFD-solver package


This seminar will take place during three consecutive days, each session will last for three hours

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
  • Introduction to CFD analysis
  • Understanding the Acusolve workflow in the HyperWorks CFD interface
  • Geometry and CFD Meshing features
  • Flow and Turbulence Modeling
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Radiation
  • Moving Body Simulation
  • Transient Simulation


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