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Course Overview:

Flux is a finite element analysis tool for low frequency electromagnetic and thermal simulation. Flux models 2D, skewed and 3D topologies. Flux features external circuit connections to describe diverse types of power supply and kinematic coupling to model motion (rotating, translating or pivoting). Flux can also be coupled and exchange data with different Altair tools to perform optimization, system simulation, structural and NVH analysis. This course is an introductory course of Flux. It is a prerequisite for all other Altair Flux training modules. Through this course, the participants will discover the environment in which the program operates, and the workflow to set and solve a model. The course is based on a set of simple examples. The participants will learn about the basic steps to analyze a device in Flux, including creating and meshing the geometry, defining the physics, solving the problem and post-processing of the results. This course will be limited to magnetic applications only.

This course has a lot of hands-on examples. Please install the latest version of Flux with a valid license.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Discover Flux environment and interface
  • Enter the geometry using 2D sketcher
  • Learn about the different mesh aspect and how to control the mesh
  • Define the physics including materials, regions, and boundary conditions
  • Set up a simple electric circuit
  • Set up motion
  • Define a solving scenario and solve the model
  • Discover postprocessing functions: plots, curves, global quantities, local quantities.

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