Flux - Introduction

This course is an introductory course of Flux. It is a prerequisite for all other Altair Flux training modules. Through this course, the participants will discover the environment in which the program operates, and the workflow to set and solve a model. The course is based on a set of simple examples. The participants will learn about the basic steps to analyze a device in Flux, including creating and meshing the geometry, defining the physics, solving the problem and post-processing of the results. This course will be limited to magnetic applications only.

This course has a lot of hands-on examples. Please install the latest version of Flux with a valid license.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Discover Flux environment and interface
  • Enter the geometry using 2D sketcher
  • Learn about the different mesh aspect and how to control the mesh
  • Define the physics including materials, regions, and boundary conditions
  • Set up a simple electric circuit
  • Set up motion
  • Define a solving scenario and solve the model
  • Discover postprocessing functions: plots, curves, global quantities, local quantities.


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