Inspire Mold

The Altair Inspire Mold course introduces users to injection molding simulation via the Inspire platform interface. After a review of the molding process and a guide through the interface options and functions, the course focuses on setting up the molding simulation and modeling the feed system and mold components (vents, cooling lines, inserts, & mold block). 



Goals and Objectives:

  • Know how to use Altair Inspire Mold to:
    • evaluate gate locations,
    • assess if the part can be molded (pressure & clamp force),
    • identify air traps, weld lines, sinks, and other potential defects.
  • Construct a feed system, cooling lines, mold inserts, and a mold block.
  • Know how to setup and launch an analysis with the detailed solver
  • Know how to create and edit a user defined material for molding.
  • Analyze results such as fill time, pressure, temperature, Fiber Orientation, and many others


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