Inspire PolyFoam

After taking this course, you will understand how to incorporate Inspire PolyFoam into traditional design processes to efficiently optimize designs and avoid typical Foam defects.



Goals and Objectives:

Introduction to Polyurethane foaming

  • Background, Theory, Applications, and Market. 

Get started with:

  • Learn about Altair Inspire PolyFoam
  • Understand accessibility of ribbons, model browser, property editor and other user-interfaces.

Learn how to create and modify geometry.

Learn how to setup models:

  • Foam part selection, type of material, temperature.
  • Nozzle path and selection
  • Learn about additional tooling components like Velcro, mold, vents…

Learn how to setup process parameters and run simulations with specific meshing criteria.

Analyze results stages Injection, Foaming, and Criterion:

  • Results such as Temperature, Pressure, Head ID, Material ID, and many others.


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