PSIM - Introduction

Course Summary

Attendees will learn how to use PSIM for the study of power electronics in an interactive lab & activity-based way

Three hours of total training

Required background of attendees
This training will assume that you have a basic understanding of power electronics. However, the material will be presented so that anyone with a basic understanding of electric circuits will be able to follow along with the material. This training session is not meant to teach power electronics but is meant to teach attendees how to use PSIM for the study of power electronics circuits.

Objectives and Learning outcomes

Session 1 Session 2
Find PSIM Examples
  • Find PSIM help resources
Start a new simulation
  • Place elements
  • Select simulation parameters
  • Timestep
  • Total time
  • Load/save flags
Perform AC sweep
  • Open loop
  • Close loop
  • S-domain and z-domain
Analyze waveforms
  • Add/remove waveforms
  • Add/remove screenst
  • Perform measurements
  • Use cursors
  • Add multiple y-axis
  • Use logic timing axis
  • Save settings
PSIM switch model - intro
  • ideal
  • Thermal
  • Level 2
  • Use cursors
Design suites
  • Power Supply
  • Motor drive
  • EMI
Co-simulation setups
  • Activate / Simulink
  • FMU
Control simulation
  • S-domain
  • Z-domain
  • C-code

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