Monarch Data Prep Studio Introduction

Course Outline:


There are no pre-requisite courses required; however, basic computer knowledge and Microsoft Office would be useful.  

Day 1/(Session 1):
    • Monarch Data Prep Studio user interface.
    • How to save the workspace.
    • Extract data from multiple files with different formats.
    • Extract data from CSV files.
    • How to load data from a web page and capture data.
    • How to do prep data using calculated fields, split data, and other functions.
    • What is pin workspace.
    • How to export tables to different format.
Day 2/(Session 2):
    • How to combine tables using join and append.
    • How to transform tables using Group, Pivot, Unpivot, Transpose, and Show/Remove duplicates.
    • How to create defined filters and sorts.
    • How to create Summaries.
    • How to export tables and summaries using defined filters and sorts to different formats.
    • How to load and prep database tables using ODBC.


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