Inspire for Metal Extrusion Analysis

Course Outline:

The Altair Inspire for Metal Extrusion Analysis course helps users understand the concept of the tool and obtain the necessary details for performing simulations on metal extrusion.  The course includes a guide through the interface options and then focuses on the most common processes in the extrusion industry, ending with a detailed walk through of the process of utilizing Inspire Extrude to perform the metal extrusion simulations.



Goals and Objectives:

  • Understand how to incorporate Altair Inspire for Metal Extrusion Analysis into traditional design processes to efficiently analyze and validate the design of extrusion dies and process.
  • Indicate flow volume, bearings, billets, materials according to design preferences, setup the extrusion tooling deflection, and the quench process.
  • Analyze results regarding metal extrusion process, tool deflection and quenching to discover the process feasibility
  • Understand how to avoid typical extrusion defects.
  • Analyze typical results such as billet interface, relative extrusion exit speed, quench factor and many others


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