Compose Interacting with Altair Products

In this class, users will learn how to integrate Compose into their CAE processes. Leveraging OpenMatrix Language (OML) in the full CAE pipeline results in simplified, shortened and enhanced pre- and post-processing capabilities using OML both within Compose and within other Altair solutions, like HyperWorks.


  • It is recommended to have attended the Compose Introduction training beforehand or to have the corresponding previous knowledge

Main Topics:

  • CAE readers, functions & writers.
  • Compose functions in HyperWorks applications
  • Using Compose with CAE solvers

Goals and Objectives:

  • The student will be able to leverage the different libraries for handling CAE data, writing files and reading CAE files both from Altair products and third-party tools (OptiStruct, Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, Radioss, LS-DYNA, MotionSolve, ADAMS, etc.).
  • The student will know how to incorporate user defined OML functions for pre- and post-processing from within HyperWorks, allowing for customized analysis on its clients (HyperMesh, HyperGraph, HyperView, etc.).
  • The student will understand how registered functions in Compose can be used in HyperWorks solvers, as well as how to declare custom functions for optimization in OptiStruct.
  • The student will be aware of the tools with which Compose can call HyperWorks solvers in batch mode for automating processes (AltairIntegration library).

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