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Course Outline:

For advanced RADIOSS users, we offer a RADIOSS Fluid Structure Interaction training, which deals with modeling (ALE, SPH) and computation of fluids and their structural interaction. The following topics are covered: Drop tests of fully and partially filled containers, tank sloshing, ditching, bird strike, shock absorbers (viscosity) and explosions.

Basic RADIOSS knowledge

Goals and Objectives:
  • Introduction to Eulerian and Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) formulations
    • ALE Grid formulations
    • Element compatibility and mesh requirements
    • Compatibility with material laws
    • Fluid modelling – Equation Of State (EOS)
    • Boundary conditions
    • Multi-Material formulations
    • Contact interfaces
  • Introduction to SPH
    • Solver basic inputs
    • Numerical parameters
    • Time step
    • Material laws and failure models
    • Boundary conditions
    • Contacts and interfaces
    • Post-processing
  • Solid to SPH approach (Sol2SPH)
  • Detonation Modeling
    • Explosives
    • Ideal Detonation
    • Shock Ignition
    • Post Treatment

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