Modeling & Visualization Instructor-led

MotionView/MotionSolve Introduction
HyperWorks - FE Model Building
HyperMesh - New Interface
HyperMesh - Model Setup OptiStruct and Connectors
HyperMesh - 3D Meshing and 1D Meshing
HyperMesh - 2D Meshing and Direct Midmeshing
HyperMesh - Geometry Cleanup and Midsurfacing
HyperMesh - Interface
SimLab - Multiphysics Analysis of Electric Motors
AcuSolve Thermal with HyperWorks CFD
HyperView and HyperGraph - Introduction
SimLab Optimization
SimLab Automation
SimLab Introduction
SimLab Meshing and Modeling
SimLab Drop Test and Impact Analysis
SimLab CFD Analysis
SimLab Static and Dynamic Linear Analysis
SimLab NonLinear Analysis
HyperWorks Customization
SimSolid Introduction
SimLab for Molding Analysis