Instructor Led

Physics & Optimization Instructor-led
MotionSolve/MotionView Introduction
WRAP - Introduction
Feko - Electromagnetic Compatibility
FluxMotor - Introduction
WinProp - Introduction
SimSolid Advanced
SimLab Electronics
SimLab Introduction
HyperStudy Introduction
OptiStruct Non-Linear Analysis
OptiStruct Linear Analysis
OptiStruct Optimization
SimSolid Basic
S-CONCRETE - Concrete Design and Detailing
MotionSolve for Vehicle Modeling
Design of SyRel Motor - Theory and FluxMotor Aspects
AcuSolve for CFD Analysis with HyperWorks CFD
OptiStruct for Dynamics and Vibrations
Polymer Properties for Simulation
OptiStruct Optimization Advanced
OptiStruct Optimization Basic
Altair CFD - nanoFluidX v2022.3
Design of BLDC Motor - Theory and FluxMotor Aspects
MotionSolve for Controls and Actuation
MotionSolve for Durability and Vibrations
HyperLife Weld Fatigue and Weld Certification
HyperLife Fatigue Analysis in Frequency Domain
HyperLife Fatigue Analysis in Time Domain
WinProp - Outdoor RF Propagation Modeling
WinProp Introduction and Advanced Indoor Propagation Modelin...
Radioss User Material and Subroutines
Radioss Advanced
Radioss Fluid Structure Interaction
OptiStruct Acoustics
Flux - Analysis of Electric Motors
Feko - Antenna Design and Installed Antenna Performance
Simulation Cycle of Short Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded ...
Flux - Introduction
Radioss Materials
Radioss for Composite Analysis
PollEx Introduction
MultiScale Designer
OptiStruct for Non-Linear Analysis
MotionView/MotionSolve Introduction
Feko - Introduction
Electric Motor Analysis using FluxMotor
EDEM - Introduction
HyperStudy Introduction
Flux - Electromechanical Device Modeling
OptiStruct for Linear Analysis
Radioss Introduction
Modeling & Visualization Instructor-led
MotionView/MotionSolve Introduction
HyperWorks - FE Model Building
HyperMesh - New Interface
HyperMesh - Model Setup OptiStruct and Connectors
HyperMesh - 3D Meshing and 1D Meshing
HyperMesh - 2D Meshing and Direct Midmeshing
HyperMesh - Geometry Cleanup and Midsurfacing
HyperMesh - Interface
SimLab - Multiphysics Analysis of Electric Motors
AcuSolve Thermal with HyperWorks CFD
HyperView and HyperGraph - Introduction
SimLab Optimization
SimLab Automation
SimLab Introduction
SimLab Meshing and Modeling
SimLab Drop Test and Impact Analysis
SimLab CFD Analysis
SimLab Static and Dynamic Linear Analysis
SimLab NonLinear Analysis
HyperWorks Customization
SimSolid Introduction
SimLab for Molding Analysis
Simulation Driven Design Instructor-led
Inspire Form Manufacturing Feasibility
Inspire Mold - Manufacturing Feasibility
Inspire Motion Load Extraction & Mechanism Simulation
Inspire Structure - Design Generation
Simulation Driven Design for Design Engineers
SimLab NVH Analysis
Inspire Studio Rendering and Animation
Inspire Studio PolyNurbs and Optimization
Inspire PolyFoam
Inspire Mold
Inspire for Additive Manufacturing
Inspire for Forming Analysis
Inspire for Polymer Extrusion Analysis
Inspire for Metal Extrusion Analysis
Inspire Studio Introduction
Inspire Introduction
Inspire Motion Introduction
High-Performance Computing (HPC) Instructor-led
Altair Grid Engine
PBS Professional
Data Analytics Instructor-led
Monarch Advanced
Monarch Data Prep Studio Introduction
Monarch Classic Introduction
RapidMiner Machine Learning Introduction
Monarch Complete Introduction
Systems Modeling Instructor-led
Embed - Firmware Development using the Texas Instruments F28...
Embed - Advanced Features
Embed - State Charts
Embed - Introduction to Embedded Development using the Ardui...
Embed - Getting Started
Compose Interacting with Altair Products
Compose Introduction
Activate - Introduction
Power Electronics Instructor-led
PSIM - Power Supply Design
PSIM - Motor Drive Simulations
PSIM - Conducted EMI Simulations
PSIM - Introduction
Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) Instructor-led
S-FRAME Introduction
Altair Partner Alliance Instructor-led
AFDEX - Metal Forming Simulation
CADMOULD - Dive into Plastic Injection Molding Simulation
µWave Wizard™ Training: Basic Project Setup and Filter Sy...